Andy Hopkins



After 25 years working in education, as an English teacher and later in educational publishing, I decided to spend more time following my interest in working with stone. As the millennium turned, I began my training as an architectural banker mason at Weymouth College and encountered the amazing artisanal and artistic skills of experienced stonemasons, carvers and restoration specialists.  I still work part-time in educational publishing and am one of two Series Editors of the Pearson English Readers series with my good friend Joc Potter, but I also work part-time as a stonecarver of architectural and sculptural pieces.

You can't waste a website, can you? Although some might say I've wasted a certain amount of time playing music to reluctant audiences over the years, I also play guitar and sing, acoustically and with an electric band (Stannah and the Stairlifts or Otis and the Elevators, depending on how old we feel ...) based in Witney, Oxfordshire. Music has given me a lifetime of friendship and joy and I hope to continue to play until my fingers seize up or I fall over, whichever is first. If you're interested in hearing a little of either of these, please click below. The first two are the electric band and the third and fourth are more acoustic and feature my old pal from Swansea, Patrick Ellis, and me. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Sensitivekindcd
  • I Know A Little-01
  • Nexttime
  • Angelblues
A fireplace and hearth in Hartham Park stone with a mantel and relief-carved overmantel in Portland stone for a new oak-framed house in Warwickshire. It featured the family's coat of arms, a pair of hares, arts and crafts-styled leaf motifs and a leaf border.
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