Andy Hopkins



After a 25 years working in education, as an English teacher and later in educational publishing, I decided to spend more time following my interest in working with stone. As the millennium turned, I began my training as an architectural banker mason at Weymouth College and encountered the amazing artisanal and artistic skills of experienced stonemasons, carvers and restoration specialists.  I still work part-time in educational publishing and one of two Series Editor of the Pearson English Readers series with my good friend Joc Potter. I also work part-time as a stonecarver of architectural and sculptural pieces.

You can't waste a website, can you? Although some might say I've wasted a certain amount of time playing music to reluctant audiences over the years, I also play guitar and sing, acoustically and with a band based in Witney, Oxfordshire. Music has given me a lifetime of friendship and joy and I hope to do it until my fingers seize up or I fall over, whichever is first. If you're interested in hearing a little of either of these, please click on the links below.

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