Andy Hopkins

After 25 years working in education, as an English teacher and later in educational publishing, I decided to spend more time following my interest in working with stone. As the millennium turned, I began my training as an architectural banker mason at Weymouth College and encountered the amazing artisanal and artistic skills of experienced stonemasons, carvers and restoration specialists. Nowadays, I work half-time in educational publishing and am one of two Series Editors of the Pearson English Readers series with my good friend Joc Potter, and I work half-time as a sculptor.

My sculpting interests have a strong craft underpinning, and where stonecarving is concerned, I am now spending more time on developing my love of relief, and my interest in creating decorative scagliola panels (coloured plasterwork embedded in incised stone). But the prime direction I'm taking is in figurative claywork, leading to cast pieces. What interests me most about figurative sculpture is expression - the ways in which people look when their faces are animated. So much sculptural stuff one sees is of faces at rest. I've already started down this route, and it's one I plan to follow for some time.

I am a member of the Oxford Sculptors Group, the Cotswold Sculptors Association and Cheltenham Open Studios.

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