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Artists to Watch in 2015

After asking for an opinion from ourselves and a bunch of our art-loving and art-appreciating professional friends from all over the world—starting collectors from Los Angeles to Brussels, advisors and critics from Istanbul to São Paulo – we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 artists we’ll be watching closely in the following year!

New Artist of the Day: Dean Levin

While we are all interested and eager for Levin’s much awaited exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery in 2015 (who he signed with last summer) it’s hard to not recall, that stellar year he had in 2014. The South African-born artist, whose initial career choice was being an architect at Pratt, had solo exhibitions at Robert Blumenthal Gallery and Zach Feuer’s Retrospective Gallery in upstate New York, was featured in a two-person show at Rod Barton, and was included in a slew of the summer’s hottest group exhibitions—Sean Kelly…

New Artist of the Day: Rachel Rose

Immediately following the news of winning the prestigious emerging artist award, the 2014 Illy Present Future Prize at Artissima, we expect that Rose’s name will soon be one of the loudest ones in 2016. The multimedia artist’s highly researched and edited, on par with being beautifully soundscaped short films play with sound and texture, science and history, mortality and immortality. She was included in the Taipei Biennial and her work was recently

New Artist of the Day: Kate Steciw

We’ve been watching Steciw and her multilayered compositions, made using stock images culled from the internet, for quite some time. With upcoming exhibitions at Neumeister Bar-Am in Berlin, annarumma in Naples, and Better Pictures in New York—as well as group shows at Wallace & Wirth and Eyebeam—Steciw was the artist about the town all year long. We’ll be following for her work with LEVY.DELVAL at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair

New Artist of the Day: Amalia Ulman

Ulman made a a sensational entrance this year with her social media performance Excellences & Perfections, in which the artist undertook a physical alteration—both real (including plastic surgery) and fictionalized—to recreate and reassemble her image as the “Hot Babe,” a character she believes that both the media and social media demand…