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Artists to Watch in 2015

After asking for an opinion from ourselves and a bunch of our art-loving and art-appreciating professional friends from all over the world—starting collectors from Los Angeles to Brussels, advisors and critics from Istanbul to São Paulo – we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 artists we’ll be watching closely in the following year!

New Artist of the Day: Eric Nathaniel Mack

With his most recent works showcased in the Rema Hort Mann Collection, a current residency at the prestigious Studio Museum of Harlem, and his inclusion in “to do as one would,” a 2014 winter group show organized by David Wiirner Gallery in New York, Mack (aka Eric N. Mack) is about to become a trademark name. The Yale MFA graduate’s practice turns altered textiles—whether bought or from his personal history…

New Artist of the Day: Rachel Rose

Immediately following the news of winning the prestigious emerging artist award, the 2014 Illy Present Future Prize at Artissima, we expect that Rose’s name will soon be one of the loudest ones in 2016. The multimedia artist’s highly researched and edited, on par with being beautifully soundscaped short films play with sound and texture, science and history, mortality and immortality. She was included in the Taipei Biennial and her work was recently