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New Artists

New Artist of the Day: Genieve Figgis

Figgis is a member of this unique, new wave of young underground artists bringing painting back to circulation this year. Quite honestly, we’re almost sure that this group’s art is the antidote to process-led abstraction that took serious hold in 2014. At 42 years old, Figgis is not a complete newbie though, but with her first solo show in New York at Bill Powers’ Half Gallery this fall, which gained lots of favorable reviews from New York Times critic Roberta.

New Artist of the Day: Dean Levin

While we are all interested and eager for Levin’s much awaited exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery in 2015 (who he signed with last summer) it’s hard to not recall, that stellar year he had in 2014. The South African-born artist, whose initial career choice was being an architect at Pratt, had solo exhibitions at Robert Blumenthal Gallery and Zach Feuer’s Retrospective Gallery in upstate New York, was featured in a two-person show at Rod Barton, and was included in a slew of the summer’s hottest group exhibitions—Sean Kelly…

New Artist of the Day: Eric Nathaniel Mack

With his most recent works showcased in the Rema Hort Mann Collection, a current residency at the prestigious Studio Museum of Harlem, and his inclusion in “to do as one would,” a 2014 winter group show organized by David Wiirner Gallery in New York, Mack (aka Eric N. Mack) is about to become a trademark name. The Yale MFA graduate’s practice turns altered textiles—whether bought or from his personal history…